Active School Clubs

Active Schools offer a wide range of activities for schools. Whether it's providing expertise to run an in-school or after-school program, we offer Science Club, Sports Clubs, Drama Club, Dance Club, and Cycle Club. Contact us now to learn more and book an Active Schools Club for your school.

Sports Clubs

We offer a wide range of sports: Get in touch now to book a Sports Club.

  •  Football
  •  Tag Rugby
  •  Basketball
  •  Hockey
  •  Rounders
  •  Multisport

Science Club

Our Science Clubs are fully STEAM ahead—Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math—and are designed to inspire future innovators!

Through discovery-based learning, students carry out experiments, engage in team activities, create artistic masterpieces, build and program robots, learn new technologies, and see how art and science work in the real world.

Students will complete projects that cover all aspects of STEAM.

Cycle Club

Our certified instructors will work with the children to improve their confidence, skills, and understanding of road safety.

They will learn how to safely navigate roads and cycle tracks.

Throughout the course, led by our certified instructors, children will develop their knowledge in scenario-based, all-inclusive sessions.

Drama Club

Our Drama Club provides children with the chance to:

- Learn how to effectively and confidently work with their peers
- Improve their overall communication skills
- Develop their voice projection abilities
- Enhance their physical expressiveness and confidence
- Cultivate their imaginative and storytelling skills
- Gain confidence in themselves and their ideas
- Have fun!

Dance Club

Learn to dance in a fun and relaxed environment. Our classes focus on a fast-paced, high-energy dance style with an emphasis on performance and musicality. Children will learn how to dance to modern styles of music, gaining knowledge and skills in different movements and techniques.

Our dance classes are a great way for children to keep fit and improve their confidence and self-esteem while enjoying teamwork.