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Active Schools offers a variety of outdoor activities and team-building experiences for schools. Our aim is to help your class collaborate, have fun outdoors, learn important skills, and develop strong relationships. We also provide numerous activities through our Afterschool Clubs.


From September 2024, Active Schools will be introducing the Cycle Right Programme in Schools. This highly sought-after program will be implemented in primary schools nationwide.


Cycle Right complements the SPHE and PE primary school curriculums by providing engaging and motivating lessons that are inclusive of all children in 5th and 6th class. It also fulfills the criteria for achieving the Active Schools Flag.


Cycle Right (from Sept)

Cycle Right complements the SPHE and PE primary school curriculums providing enthusiastic and motivating lessons inclusive of all children in 5th and 6th class.  It also meets the success criteria needed to achieve the Active Schools Flag.  .


Escape the Hill Package

Work together in your teams to prove your worth to the alien scientists and save human existence. your team must work together and think smart to  solve puzzles, challenges and riddles to crack the codes and complete the Quest.



Activity Days

Active Schools can offer Sports Days, Wilderness Packages, Activity Days, Orienteering and more.

All our packages can be tailored to suit the teacher and the class.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age groups suitable for your activities?

Our activities are suitable for all primary aged students.

External funding for the Cycle Right Prgramme is only available to 5th & 6th classes.

Do you provide transportation to and from the outdoor locations?

No - Schools must organise transport.

The cycle right and some of our other packages take place in your school.

What safety measures do you have in place during the activities?

We prioritize the safety of our participants and have qualified instructors and safety protocols in place during all activities.

“Our students had an amazing time with Active Schools! The team building activities were fun and educational, and the students learned the importance of teamwork and communication in a hands-on way. We will definitely be booking with Active Schools again!”

Sarah O'Connor



About us

Active Schools is committed to providing schools with unique and engaging outdoor activities and team-building experiences. Our team is passionate about helping students develop important skills and values through fun and interactive experiences in nature.

On average, today's kids spend seven hours a day staring at electronics like phones, laptops, tablets, and television. Evidence demonstrates that kids today tend to swap active outdoor recreation for more sedentary activities, often to the detriment of their health and quality of life.

Encouraging children to increase their time outside and away from their devices aids their physical health and helps them become emotionally and intellectually tougher. There's simply no denying the benefits of getting outdoors more!

All our staff are fully trained, Garda Vetted, and have completed Safeguarding and First Aid training.